Work For Us



We know that we would not be Burns Manufacturing Services without our people, this is why every member of staff have a place in our hearts. 

Every person has their own story and journey on how they got here which makes them unique. Its up to us to make sure we build on their skills and develop any weaknesses to allow them to move onto the next chapter in their story.

We take our time when recruiting whether you’re a skilled recruiter already or new in the field.  If you are a confident, determined person who has what we call ‘fire in the belly’ then Burns Manufacturing Services is for you.

You could be running your own desk from day one.  We offer external and internal on the job training which gives you all the essential tools to run and grow a successful desk.  One member of our team billed within his first week of starting and another it took a few months.  We go at your pace whilst in training. You’ll know when you're ready when you're juggling a multitude of vacancies, speaking to clients, selling a vacancy to candidates and actually controlling your earnings. 

With one to one training and mentoring it will enhance your personal development tenfold. Researching is a major factor to the position which improves your development on the market/area you will be covering. We can promise you that you will never be bored.  Your days fly by in fact there are never enough hours in the day, its 5.15pm before you know it!!

It's important we all connect and work as a team, we are looking for people who are on the same journey and care about the business needs, who are competitive but still fair, who are not scared of hard work and most importantly enjoy having fun!!

The industry is hard, fast-paced, competitive and stressful but who said being successful was ever going to be easy ........??

If you enjoy the chase, can jump up when you get knocked down, come to join us!

This is a career, not just a job, you only get out what you put in.