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We are one of the leading specialist companies that provide a service and solution to the food manufacturing industry.  Our highly skilled team of consultants have over 20 years experience in the industry and understand the skill sets required for roles within food processing.

Food and drink manufacturing takes place in factories ranging from small units with few workers to large factories which may be part of multi-site organisations employing thousands.

Did you know?

The food and drink manufacturing industry actually comprises over 30 different sectors. The largest of these is the bakery sector followed by meat processing, drinks industries, dairies, animal feed and fish processing.

Burns Recruitment are proud to have a team of passionate, self driven, dedicated consultants who are trained to make your life easier by reducing the pressure to allow you to concentrate on other challenges within your business.

Whether you're seeking that dream job, or the perfect person to help your growing business, you can rely on us to deliver!

Our team work closely with FMCG Food Manurfacturers througout the UK, bringing on new and repeat business daily.  Every vacancy we have we work differently, we work smart and efficiently to ensure the best candidates on the market are contacted. 

Within the industry we cover the full spectrum of skills covering every corner of a typical FMCG Manurfacturer, below are just a few areas we tend to recruit.

  •          Managing Directors
  •          Engineering Directors/Operations Director
  •          R&D Directors/Technical Directors
  •          Technical Managers
  •          Quality/Quality Assurance Managers
  •          QHS Managers/Compliance Managers
  •          Hygiene Managers
  •          Chief Engineers/Engineering Managers
  •          Engineering Team Leaders/Engineering Technicians
  •          Maintenance Managers/Maintenance Team leaders
  •          General Managers/Operations Managers
  •          Manufacturing/Production Managers
  •          Shift Managers/Team Leaders
  •          Supply Chain Managers/Planning Managers
  •          Logistics Managers/Distribution Managers
  •          Transport Managers
  •          Warehouse Managers
  •          Head of Development/Development Managers
  •          NPD Project Managers
  •          Development Technologists


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