Recruitment Process

Work is hectic, getting help doesn’t have to be

Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you work with us to recruit a new permanent or contract employee.

Get in Touch

Contact your local Burns Manufacturing Services office or upload your job description to our website with your best point of contact and one of our consultants will call you straight back.

Qualifying Vacancy

A consultant will arrange an indepth conversation either over the phone or face to face to go over your requirements.  We take approximately 10-15 minutes really getting a feel for the vacancy and its environment, person fit, dynamics of the team, salary, products and skills.  The more information we can attain the quicker it takes to find you the perfect candidate. 

Market Update

As we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the current market, we will be able to give you an honest evaluation on your vacancy, availability of candidates and how realistic your full package is you're offering.

Timescale Definition

Agree what type of process you would like, ie, Contingency or Retainer.  Advise on a plan and timescale and any KPI’s you would like us to adhere to.

Access to the Best Candidates

Using our inhouse database, a range of search engines, advertising solutions, active networking with key contacts in the market and keeping up-to-date with social media trends.

We cover counter offer 3 times throughout the interview process to try and eliminate time wasters


You select your preferred candidates for interview from a small array of people who have already been qualified against all of your technical personality requirements. Your vacancy has been sold to each person with enthusiasm and passion, outlining your benefits and why a person should come and work for you.

We will cover once again the counter offer process to remind them why they are looking to leave and to try and give you heads up if we have any concerns.

Offer Stage

We handle every stage of the offer stage to free you up from any back and forth reservations or salary negotiations.  We will obtain signed contract with start dates and then send out an offer pack to complete the process.