Our Services

Our Services 

What we offer our clients is a service that we tailor to each individual. We work with some of the most successful organisations in the UK. Our aim is to secure highly skilled talent quickly and efficiently, using our most sophisticated searching methods available.

At Burns Manufacturing Services we use both contingency and retainer recruitment options for our clients.  If you have never used an agency before you may not know which one is going to be best for you or what will benefit you more.  We have clients who have used agencies for years who are now changing their process due to the high demand in candidates.

You have to ask yourself, how important is it that you fill your vacancy?

What is Contingency Recruitment?

Contingency recruitment tends to be the more mass-market with most industries.  Its very simple and straight forward, the agency doesn’t get paid unless the person you employ  starts work with you.

The power here is very much in the hands of you - the employer - and you often see multiple recruitment agencies trying to fill a role all at once. This is dog eat dog for the recruiter.  Agencies are continuously competing against each other and against your internal HR department.  You might even get phone calls from agencies to your hiring managers to pick up vacancies that way.

As you can imagine, this can all get very competitive, very quickly.

Benefits of Contingency Recruitment

  • The benefits of contingency recruitment for the employer are fairly obvious - because you're in charge of the whole process
  • If a recruitment agency operating on contingency sends you candidates that you don't feel are suitable, you simply don't have to interview them - or pay a fee.  This                      means that it's in the agency's interest to send you the best candidates they can find - and as quickly as possible
  • Contingency recruitment therefore makes an excellent choice when a candidate is required quickly - or if you have multiple positions to fill ...  
  • The candidates an agency puts forward will fit the bill, and will be capable of doing the job you need them to do

What is Retained Recruitment?

  • Retained recruitment is the opposite of contingency recruitment. Here, you’re paying to 'retain' a  recruiter to your cause - guaranteeing them exclusivity and an income            from the job once they find a suitable candidate
  • Retained recruitment jobs tend to take place almost exclusively at the top-end of the market -  where salaries are high, and suitable candidates are scarced
  • Often known by other names like ‘headhunting’, ‘search and selection’, or ‘executive search’, retained recruitment is associated with hard to fill job roles

Benefits of Retained Recruitment​

  • As mentioned above, exclusivity will get a recruiter to work much harder for your cause. They are motivated to do this because they stand a fair chance of making money          from it - and who could blame them?
  • Because retained recruitment guarantees exclusivity, you know that the consultant doing it is going to exercise consideration and due diligence in sourcing you                              candidates
  • This is a boutique approach, and suits the top-end of the recruitment market, where potential candidates aren’t always looking for a new job
  • In the rarefied atmosphere of big salaries, bigger benefits, and massive levels of responsibility, discretion is essential - and headhunters will go out of their way to ensure          that confidentiality is maintained
  • This type of recruiter maintains a large, informal network - and this is what could make a headhunter invaluable to your business
  • A headhunter will generally provide you with dossiers on four or five candidates who have been thoroughly researched and approached on your behalf.  All that’s left for            you to do is carry out the final interviews