Our promise to you

A promise to our clients

Burns Manufacturing Servicres have always been proud of the effort and compassion we share with both our Clients and Candidates.  Its hard to put in writing what this means to us but be assured we mean every word

  • Every candidate will have GPDR consent before submitting their CV to you
  • Every candidate we submit to you will always be fully screened
  • We check 3 times throughout the process about counter offering so you are not stung at the last hurdle
  • We will consult with you through the process to ensure the vacancy is filled successfully
  • We offer salary surveys to ensure you offer competitive salaries
  • We will work as part of your team, show the same passion and excitement for the role as you do
  • Terms of business are always signed before starting a job to ensure you’re not stung with extra costs
  • We will email you at the end of play every day with an update on your vacancy
  • We take constructive criticism onboard and learn from it with ongoing inhouse training
  • We won’t give up
  • You will grow to rely on us, trust us and become good friends