Account Management

Account Management

At Burns Manufacturing Services we are responsible for delivering a high level of customer service to our clients. 

Using us as your account managers means we can work more closely with you giving you peace of mind that your vacancies are looked after.  We will manage the full process and arrange a tier system of agencies for hard to fill positions.  This will take the pressure and any confusion off you.  We will manage the negotiation of fees, reduction of contracts and you wont have to repeat yourself when giving out a vacancy.  We will be your only point of contact freeing up your time to deal with more important duties.

We will conduct salary surveys to ensure you are staying competitive within your industry, assess agencies performance and put in place KPI’s to give you the confidence that you are receiving the best candidates for your vacancies.

Another option we offer is creating a Preferred suppliers list for you.  We advise a maximum of 3 agencies to minimise confusion with CV’s, fees and traffic. An excellent opportunity for an agency and client to start building a solid business relationship.

Benefits of have a Preferred Suppliers List in place

  • More cost effective
  • Ease of administration
  • Centralised order process for all vacancies
  • Having an agency who knows and understands your business inside out
  • Standardised agreed fees and payment terms
  • Set Key Performance Indicators to ensure contract requirements are adhered to
  • Reduction in sales calls off other agencies
  • Minimising the chance of duplicate CV’s
  • Volume of business creates opportunities for discount