Our promise to you

Making the Impossible Possible

At Burns Manufacturing Services we will go that extra mile to help you.  We believe there is a job out there for everyone you just have to turn over every stone.

Whether you're looking for a part- time, contract or permanent position, we will do our best to match you with your dream job.

Behind the scenes

  • Have a team of consultants who are constantly calling companies/clients to try and find you a match
  • Review your CV and recommend any changes
  • Market your CV out via email or phone call to prospective employers to increase your chances to interview 
  • Visit networking events to open up new  career opportunities
  • Constantly keeping up to date on new manufacturing sites opening ready to submit your CV
  • Setting up interviews at a mutually convenient time
  • Obtaining CV or interview feedback and relaying honest constructive comments whether good or bad
  • Try and visit sites to get a feel for the right fit and discuss your skills in person

Our Promise to you

  • Offer you a free service
  • We will always get your permission before submitting your CV
  • We wont submit your CV unless the GPDR consent has been returned
  • We will return your calls within 24 hours or contact you via email
  • We will inform you of any new upcoming jobs via text, phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or Instragram
  • We will always send your CV if you are right for the role
  • Brief you on clients before interviews and ensure you are fully prepared
  • Keep you informed at each stage of the recruitment process
  • We do not discriminate in any way
  • If you are not successful in a role or interview we will let you know as soon as we do
  • Teach you how to interview
  • Always sell your strengths to the company
  • We will always pick up our mobiles day or night
  • We will be there for you every step of the way

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