Interview Tips

Preparing for an interview

You can spend hours preparing for an interview, researching and trolling through pages and pages on the internet.  We have put together a few tips, help and advice on how to prepare before the interview, during and after.

Before the interview

  • Review your CV
  • Make sure you know your CV inside and out
  • Ensure all your dates are correct and you can explain the gaps in your employement 
  • Take a copy with you to interview just in case you need to refer back to it

Research, Research, Research

  • The internet is usually a good starting point
  • Think of 5 questions the client may ask you, For example, you may be asked what qualities you have and be asked to demonstrate scenarios where you displayed this                  quality.  Other times, questions may be about your strengths and weaknesses.  Always include a negative as we’re not all perfect and try to turn it into a positive
  • Write the questions down, go make a cup of tea and go back to them and answer them

Travel time

  • Never be late for an interview, aim to arrive at least 15 mins early.  Allow for traffic delays
  • Take a contact number and name with you just in case you're going to be late

On the day of the interview

  • Always make sure you're dressed to impress with your clothes freshly ironed and your attire is professional - Suited and booted

Things to take with you

  • If you have anything that could back up your application or impress the interviewer take them along with you
  • Don’t forget your questions which you would have prepared


  • When you're nervous it's very common to waffle when asked a question.  Tune in and LISTEN to the questions.  Take a few seconds to think about your response and don’t rush.  You don’t have to fill the silence gap……listen, take a second., then respond

The end

  • Always end the interview on a high note
  • Thank them of your time and how much you enjoyed the experience
  • Now breathe and relax