How the personal touch matters in Recruitment


How the personal touch matters in Recruitment

By Julian Richards.

When it comes to Recruitment agencies, a lot of the time you will hear how they don’t care about candidates.

“Candidates are just statistics”.  We as recruitment people always need to remember that we are in the people business and our Candidates are one of the most important things. While we are trawling through CVs every day, we must remember to give that process our best and find a solution for the Candidate.

Behind every organization be it a Football Team, Political Party or business, at the very heart of it should be people. This is how businesses grow.  There is without doubt a stigma attached to Recruitment agencies and we need to dispel the myth and be proactive in making our people feel like number one from the start of the process until the very end of it.

We can be reassuring and supportive, we can take the weight off their shoulders and provide them with 100% of our effort and time.  Providing constant updates is a huge part of the personal touch.

The one thing that always irritates me Is the idea that once we have submitted a Candidates CV, we just leave them hanging there without any feedback or reassurance.  Put yourself in their shoes, you have shown an interest in a new job and have taken the time to update a CV, apply for a new role  And you are then what? Limbo. No feedback, nothing. It is my recruitment pet hate.

We owe our candidates our best efforts. Not to just see the pound signs while we are sending their CV. The outcome to always do our best for people is trust and trust is one trait we must all strive to maintain in the world of Recruitment.