A Typical Day at Burns Recruitment


Having worked at Burns for over 2 years now I can honestly say that everyday is different and there is never a dull moment in the office. When you spend 2920 hours a year in the same 4 walls you need to wake up everyday and look forward to coming to work. The staff here get on like a family with each person having different qualities which mix together very well to make us a great team.

I have worked in many sales environments in my time and not every time this is the case.  However, with the people here everyday is entertaining and enjoyable and most definitely hard working.

We also like to do things outside of working hours to keep team morale from theme parks to fright nights x scream walks, general meals and nights out on the town.

8.00 WALK TO WORK! (one of the perks of having a office so close to my doorstep)

8:30 Kettle on the minute we walk through the door! Morning chats about the night before how the weekend went and the usual banter about how our football teams got on in the fantasy football whilst checking the job boards new hot candidate

9.00 Angela our Director walks in usually doing the robot or moon walk with a smile on her face ready to get the best out of us for the next 7 hours. (Most companies the Director will walk in not say a word to their staff and head straight to their office and close the door). However, Angela sits with us, motivates us constantly and helps us whenever we need it.

9.30 -12.00 Work Work Work! Flat out on the phones picking up new jobs or resourcing the jobs we have.  Looking for the best candidates to represent and send to the companies who fit their skillset.

12-1 lunchtime, having the Taff Trail on our doorstep is definitely a bonus.  I put my headphones in and take in the fresh air.  Or have my driving lesson that the company pays for one of my incentives of hitting a quarter target.  We even have a gym in the office to keep us motivated treadmill, bike and weights to get the brain refreshed and ready for the afternoon.

1.00-5.15 More of the same from the morning head down, working hard to make sure we hit our targets for the week/month.  Diary updated ready for the next day. 

All in all working in recruitment is not easy it's challenging with many ups and downs but as long as you work hard and are motivated by great commission/incentives, enjoy coming to work and having a laugh whilst working hard then I would genuinely recommend thinking of joining the team here at burns recruitment.